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A civil association for the preservation of the Lebanese heritage.

A cultural entity Interested in revitalizing the cultural sense within the Lebanese society and the interest in said society’s historical/cultural background.

A laîque, non political movement.

An association with strictly cultural activities.
Our work (short and long term projects) aims at the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical aspects of the Lebanese identity.


The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage, is an initiative launched by young Lebanese artists/intellectuals back in march 2010 on Facebook under the name ‘stop destroying your heritage!’, created by Pascale Ingea.

The group is still in existence and was opened for activism against the demolition of old Lebanese buildings by senseless ‘Development’.

Founding members are:

Pascale Ingea

Josef Haddad

Jad Mhanna

Official Status

The Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage was registered on the 14th of july 2010 at the ministry of interior and has been officially announced in the official journal on the 28th of October 2010 (issue 50).

The association’s permit number is 1764.

Members of the executive committee for the year 2012

Pascale Ingea | President

Nadine Maatouk-Haddad | Vice President

Mireille Haddad | Accountant

Josef Haddad | Secretary

Janine Ingea | Treasurer

Jad Mhanna | Legal Advisor and Executive

Raoul Sfeir | Member